Forex Basics

Forex Basics

Our Forex Basics course is constructed with one purpose and that is to provides students with specific knowledge on how the forex markets work and how you can make significant profits from trading forex. Designed for student with limited or no knowledge of trading but by the end of the course you will have gained significant understanding of how the forex markets really work and how you can financially benefit from them.

With this knowledge we will also be giving, as part of the course, a very profitable trading strategy that can be used immediately. You will have gained an excellent grounding in the workings of the forex markets and provides all the details necessary to then decide which path you want to take to benefit even further from trading forex.

The course is three weeks long with one live interactive training session per week between 1 to 1.5 hrs long with our head trader on a live webinar. It’s aim is to teach you what the forex industry is, how the markets work and most importantly how to benefit from them financially.

Forex Basics Course Curriculum

Here is a brief outline of the course but you can download the full curriculum below :-

  • How the forex markets work
  • The main currencies
  • Forex terminology
  • The trading basics
  • Forex charting
  • Forex psychology
  • A winning strategy
  • Putting it all together

Next Courses Starts 26th February

The cost of this course is £197.00 and provides a great foundation but also includes a high performance strategy.

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