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Global leader in providing forex and crypto education that makes our students profits.
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welcome to the UK trading academy

At UKTA, we pride ourselves on our progressive approach to running our services and courses. Over the years, we’ve dedicated considerable time and effort to understanding how to provide valuable information that empowers individuals to trade the markets both correctly and profitably. We recognize the demands of modern life, often marked by hectic schedules and limited time for acquiring new skills. To address this, we’ve designed our courses to be as flexible as possible, ensuring they can accommodate a variety of situations.

about us

UK Trading Academy, a UK limited company with the registration number 08858400, is headquartered at 2 Waterton Park, Waterton Industrial Estate, Bridgend, Wales, United Kingdom. Our journey began in December 2010, with a commitment to providing educational courses and trading signals to our members.

Since our inception, we have experienced significant growth and are proud to hold the esteemed position of being the largest academy in the UK and Europe, having educated over 150,000 students. Our achievements have been recognized through accolades such as the Alpari award for Best Intermediate Broker and The Global Forex Awards for Best Educational Resources.

In addition to our educational endeavors, we have forged substantial partnerships with major brokerages, including Infinox, CL Markets, Charter Prime, and EightCAP, all of which are highly regulated entities. We also offer high-quality educational courses tailored to large international companies and provide specialized training for brokers to enhance their ability to attract and serve new clients.

our Premier service

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Trading Ideas

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Our elite training programme to become a professional trader

Live Strategies

Two live strategies streamed            12 hrs a day directly to you

Market Analysis

Four times a day our Senior Market Analyst proves market insights

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Our company achievements

This is why we are becoming the largest and most succesful academy in the world


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Why Choose Us?

UK Trading Academy has the full range of services to cover all facets of trading from teaching to Fund Management. The skills within the group make it stand out in the industry as a very high performing team. The accreditation we now have gained gives us enormous credibilty to what we do and how we do it.

Take a look at how our customers rate us:-

Course Content
Value For Money
User Experience

Feedback we get from our members goes to show the level of performance UKTA strives to achieve. Our unique training methods turn someone into a trader making consistent profits from the markets.

Full range of Educational Courses

We provide trading courses that takes someone who knows nothing about financial trading right through to a professional trader taking consistent profits from the markets

Educational Services

We provide companies a bespoke training programme for their customers using online webinars to video series and finally live classroom services.

Trading Services

From managed accounts through to Institutional Fund trading is provided by our talented and professional team of traders that provide low risk consistent performance.

Educational Simplicity

Trading is a complex subject but we have a unique way of growing students knowledge in a step by step process perfected over many years.

What Our Students Say

Our students rate the overall experience and value for money for our course in the 90%'s. Take a look at the results to the left and see why we are rate so highly.

what our customers say

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