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At UKTA we are progressive in the way we run our service and our courses and therefore have spent many years understanding how to provide information to help people to trade the markets correctly and profitably. It should also cover all situations, because with modern life as it is, which is often hectic and restrictive on time to learn new skills, then it needs to be as flexible as possible. To compound this how many courses are there available with companies who are more interested in making money from you, than the actual content it provides, or the suitability to what the person needs. With these key goals in mind, we have structured our training courses to provide exactly what a budding trader needs.

about us

UK Trading Academy is a UK limited company with registration number 08858400. Our Headquarters are located at Number 2, Waterton Park, Waterton Industrial Estate, Bridgend, Wales, United Kingdom. CF1 3PH. The company was first started in December 2010 and provided both educational courses and trading signals to its members.

The company has grown significantly and has the enviable position of the largest academy in the UK and Europe on number of students taught which is just above 140,000. The company has won the Alpari award for best Intermediate Broker and also The Global Forex Awards for Best Educational Resources.

The company has significant agreements with major brokerages such as Infinox, CL Markets, Charter Prime and EightCAP, all highly regulated brokers. We also provide top-level educational courses to large international companies and training courses specifically designed for  brokers to provide new clients.

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