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welcome to the UK trading academy

The UK Trading Academy first started in December 2010 and provides both non accredited and accredited educational courses to its students. The company has grown significantly and has the enviable position of the largest academy in the UK and Europe. The number of students taught worlwide from all our courses offered has now reached just over 150,000 .

Masters Degree MBA - Financial Trading

Experience education liberated from the confines of campus walls, where innovation meets flexibility, and students forge their paths to success unbound by convention. Unlocking the doors to limitless learning, we offer higher education untethered by the constraints of traditional academia, empowering students to thrive on their own terms.


Internationally recognised Masters Degree qualification


Full MBA course in Financial Trading providing 180 credits

On Line Teaching

Our MBA is provided through online lectures and training content

Our Academy

Our modern academy for live lectures on training weeks

Take a detailed look at what this opportunity provides

about us

UK Trading Academy is a UK company with the registration number 08858400. Our headquarters and academy campus is at Waterton Park, Waterton Industrial Estate, Bridgend, Wales, United Kingdom. Our journey began in December 2010, with a commitment to providing educational courses to our members.

Since our inception, we have experienced significant growth and are proud to hold the esteemed position of being the largest academy in the UK and Europe, having educated over 150,000 students. Our achievements have been recognized through accolades such as the Alpari award for Best Intermediate Broker and The Global Forex Awards for Best Educational Resources.

We are the only private educator to achieve accreditation for Masters Degree for students with the added benefits of significant fee reduction for all students compared to normal university fees. The method of delivery being mainly online also means no matter what your circumstances you will be able to achieve a dream you though may have passed you by.

Our Accreditation

We have accreditation from one of the top accreditation authorities in UK and Europe providing Internationally recognised qualifications worldwide.

Our company achievements

This is why we are becoming the largest and most succesful academy in the world


Courses Sold


Total Students


Managed Accounts

Why Choose Us?

When you join UK Trading Academy you get a company that is highly accredited in the industry and provides Masters level degree. Our reputation is second to none providing students with a range of courses to be able to give you lifetime skills in finance and the art of financial trading. We are the world number one academy for teaching students how to gain skills in the largest and most lucrative business sector in the world.

Take a look at how our customers rate us:-

Course Content
Value For Money
User Experience

Feedback we get from our members goes to show the level of performance UKTA strives to achieve. Our unique training methods turn someone into a trader making consistent profits from the markets.

Masters Degree MBA - Financial Trading

Our Masters Degree MBA in Financial Trading is unique in the educational world removing all the barriers traditional university courses have in selection and life impacts

Full Range of Educational Courses

We provide companies a bespoke training programme for their customers using online webinars to video series and finally live classroom services.

Managed Accounts

From managed accounts through to Institutional Fund trading is provided by our talented and professional team of traders that provide low risk consistent performance.

Trading Signals

Just imagine being able to look over the shoulder of high performing instituational traders and see exactly what they are placing into the markets.

What Our Students Say

Our students rate the overall experience and value for money for our course in the 90%'s. Take a look at the results to the left and see why we are rate so highly.

what our customers say

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