Paul Chalmers
-Chief Executive Officer

Paul’s professional journey is an illustrious tale of leadership and innovation in both the corporate and financial realms. With a distinguished career in industry, Paul ascended to the highest echelons, culminating in his role as Operations Director for the UK and Europe at Tyco, a global juggernaut ranked 44th in the world. His exceptional acumen and stellar track record made him a prime target for blue-chip giants like Mitsubishi, Monsanto, Exxon, Pirelli, and Tyco, who sought his expertise to revitalize underperforming divisions.

Paul’s forte lies in applying manufacturing excellence and Japanese methodologies to enhance operational efficiency. His impact extended far and wide, reshaping management teams, elevating quality standards, and bolstering financial performance. All the while, Paul’s true passion, trading, blossomed alongside his corporate endeavours. His journey into the world of trading commenced in 1998, marked by the development of his proprietary trading systems and a relentless pursuit of institutional trading skills through courses and a burgeoning network within the financial industry.

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