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our courses

Each of our courses is meticulously designed to ensure you attain the precise knowledge and skills required to successfully execute trades in the market. Even our basic course equips you with a strategy, not only teaching you its principles but also providing the software for download, which clearly instructs you on when to enter trades and how to execute them. Remarkably, this very strategy has delivered more profit than the world’s top hedge funds over the past two decades. It’s an extraordinary claim, but it’s a verifiable fact.

making students into profitable traders

earn as you learn

Our Earn As You Learn Course has been specifically designed for those who don’t have so much time in a week to spend hours learning how to trade. It is a short sharp training course that will bring you up to speed with all the fundamentals of trading and know your way around a trading platform. This is a six week course and will give you profitable setups.

Take a look at the syllabus for Earn as You Learn: -

Learn to trade and make money with only a small amount of time per day needed. Take a look at the syllabus snapshot below or download the detailed syllabus above:-

The cost of this course is £497 and provides strategies to earn around your job.


This is our main forex training course and is based around price action and specific setups to follow exactly as we teach them. Its aim is to provide a high level of training to make you into a skilled and knowledgeable trader. 

The course provides you three excellent strategies to allow you to immediately start making money from the markets. The course lasts twelve weeks and is delivered by our head trader.

You will also learn three profit-making strategies. Take a look at the syllabus snapshot below or download the full detailed syllabus above:-

The cost of this course is £1997 and provides strategies to earn around your job


Our Fast Track Trader Course is a very intensive training course, spread over two full days and has been specifically designed to give you a very comprehensive training programme. You will be able to walk away with specific and powerful market setups and strategies to start trading the very next day and make very substantial profits.

It will bring you up to speed with the fundamentals of trading and know your way around a trading platform. This course will create an immediate income for you as you put into practice the setups taught on the course. Each setup will be taught so it becomes second nature and you will be shown these on live markets.

The two days spent in our Wales Academy in Bridgend will be filled with the best knowledge you can get in the industry from a top performing head trader. This is not just classroom based learning, it will be fully interactive with real trades and setups shown on a trading desk that you will also action yourself during those two days.

If you want to learn how to make significant profits trading immediately, then this is the only course you will ever need to do. Once the course is over you will not be left on your own!!. We also provide after the course one month of after course support to help you with any queries you may have.

The cost of this course is £3995 and as you can see from the syllabus and its content that you are going to learn everything you need to know to put into action the strategies we are going to teach you.

Take a look at the syllabus details below

Day 1

  • Introduction to the exciting world of Financial Trading
  • Is forex for me
  • Structuring your trading around your lifestyle
  • Introductory rules plus absolute do’s and don’ts
  • Brokers , Banks and News
  • Charts – how to set up, read and monitor
  • The basics – live trading, orders and stops
  • Setting up your broker and adding mobile devices to trade
  • Trading psychology – handling the pressure!
  • Placing your first live trade
  • Exam time before moving onto our trading system!

Day 2

  • Risk Management – how to manage the markets
  • Understanding how the markets really move - Price Action
  • Using support and resistance to enter trades
  • Trend lines and trade cyclicity
  • Trade breaking to lock in profit
  • How to enter a trade and not lose money
  • How to apply trade management to increase profits
  • The proven system that pulls it all together
  • We provide one month support after your course finishes
  • BONUS – Three killer setups for even great profits.
  • You will get an institutional level broker account FREE

our accredited academy

the wales training college

In April 2022 UK Trading Academy gained accreditation for our courses and was given a center of excellence approval which now allows UKTA to provide internationally recognized qualifications up to Diploma in Financial Trading. Only 5% of trading educational companies in the world have this accreditation which gives an indication of the quality of the courses that we provide.

Every course that we do is aimed at making anyone who has no knowledge of trading into a trader who is capable of making money from the financial markets using laser-pointed strategies that take profits from the markets consistently. The higher level of course that you do the greater the profits you achieve. No matter what your personal situation you will be able to do this around your current job or daily schedule.

Aspire which is located at the heart of Barcelona focuses on providing a platform to ambitious youngsters to achieve their dreams and excel at this so-called quest of life. They have various education programs and provide accreditation with renowned Bodies & Universities which are well received not only in Europe but across the globe.

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