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Experienced Team Trading The Financial Markets

We have a very experienced and successful trading team who have all the tools available and data streams to capitalise on market movement. The team are all experts in their field and a laser focussed on increasing value of the accounts with prudent risk management techniques.

Know Who We Are

About our company

We have been providing managed account for our main brokers since 2013 and the success achieved puts us at the forefront of  performance

Your account will be under a highly regulated broker for your protection and safety. At no time do we take any customers funds and trade it for them

“Its an approach that has allowed thousands of people to take advantage of a profitable service provided by a highly regulated company”

Paul Chalmers

CEO UK Trading Academy

Your Money Under Your Control

At no time does the company take customers funds, your funds are in your broker account at all times and only you have control over them.


The MANAGED accounts

The accounts you open will be with a highly regulated broker who provide the managed accounts. UK Trading Academy trade for those brokers and are therefore not the company who provide the managed accounts.

Who Trade The Accounts

UKTA have a team of very experienced traders who provide the trading services to the brokers for their managed account service. Therefore you will be in excellent hands with a regulated broker.


You will open your own broker account and place your money into that broker account which is a regulated account so therefore the money is held by the broker in a segregated account. 

PErformance Fee

The fees are very simple. First the performance fee is 30% of the profits and this is calculated to high watermark level so additional profits higher than previous need to be achieved for performace fee to be generated


You will sign a limited power of attorney with the broker to provide the managed account. In the agreement the fee structure will be provided. You are not signing any agreement with UKTA as we dont provided the Managed Accounts.

management fees

There is a management fee of 1% per year of the total amount you hold in your account. This is calculated monthly and paid monthly at a rate of total amount in the account multiplied by a twelth of one percent.

Request a Call Back?

So you make the right decision and gain all the information before proceeding then get in touch with us through our contact form ans one of our team will contact you back and assist with any questions you have

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Take a look at what our clients say about the service we provide

Oladipo Jagun Forex Trader

I thought I could trade before I met UKTA academy, I was only checking them out for "updates" boy was I wrong!!! Now I have learned real trading. Thank you UKTA.

Seyi Weli Internet Marketer

Since joining UK Trading Academy I have gained a lot of knowledge and confidence in trading. The strategies are easy to understand and apply. I’m delighted to be part of the UKTA Academy family

Ekow Forex Trader

I am a Living Testimony of UK Trading Academy. I didn't know anything about Forex Trading before I met them and currently it's my fulltime job.

John T Student

The ProTrader Course is nothing like I have experienced before. It is so different and teaches you how to trade the markets in such a different and refreshing way. I am already use what I am learning to make profits every week and find it so easy to do. Wish I had found this course before I paid good money for other courses which taught me very little..

Steve W Options Trader

The Intermediate trader Course takes off like a rocket and blows away everything I learnt so far trading forex. By the second week of the course I was already being taught the first strategy and couldn’t believe it when I went back through the charts to look at previous setups and over the last ten years it had a win rate of 80%!!. The second strategy is even more mind blowing and happens a few times a week. You just make money with this.

Taito S Student

I went into the ProTrader Course with a lot of apprehension as I had taken a lot of courses before and was always disappointed. Was I in for a shock, I knew it was different within the first ten minutes and I left the first day just wanting day two to come as quickly as possible. On my return home I was able to start trading the setups immediately and now have a great income..Review Text

Our Partners

We partner with some of the best global brokers in the industry who are highly regulated and have been in the marketplace for many years

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