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Internationally Recognised

A Masters MBA that is recognised Internationally provided by top UK and European Accreditation Authorities

Online Education

The course is delivered online each weekday through a student portal that provides live and recorded content

One Year MBA

Fast track your degree with our unique teaching methods which provide the equivalent of 2 yrs in University

Our expert Team

As the largest academy in the world we have a team of experts to provide you the education you require.


Your MBA is delivered on line each week day in your own students portal. We have training Modules that teach you the full syllabus in a staged approach. The course has been designed to take someone who knows nothing about Financial Trading into a professional trader with our unique training methods. This is why our very special Masters Degree has no pre requisits for educational achievement.

Our team are some of the best trading experts in the world and you have the ability if you so wish, as part of your course, to visit the academy and get world class live training on our open weeks which run through the year. Many students take this opportunity before exams to get an indepth training and revision session to ensure they are fully prepared for their exam.


The Academy

The academy buildings in South Wales for our students

Live Teaching

Classroom environment for live lectures and trading 

The Board Room

Chancellor and Vice Chancellor Board Room and meeting centre

Webinar Control

Our soundproof room where we provide the Daily Lectures


This is the first time that an accreditation authority has provided such a unique masters degree to a private eductional establishment. This was achieved due to the way in which we provide our courses to students and the methods we use  to deliver the course content which go way beyond any university is capable of achieving. This is also the first Masters Degree where you get the ability to make money from what you are learning while you take the course. 

Below we explain every facet of the course, so you get all the information you need to make the best decision of your life. A world of learning that you can’t imagine is waiting for you when you step through the ultra modern educational delivery infrastucture that UK Trading Academy has developed. We are the premier educational establishment in the world to give you high level skills in the biggest most lucrative industry in the world and that is Financial Trading.

Unlike normal universities and colleges there is no need to wait for the academic year to start before you start learning. The way the course is designed and structured means that you can start immediately as the delivery process is automated in such a way and the live lectures and scheduled means that there is no start or end point in time. The Masters Degree is structured in such a way you get trained as if you are all starting at the same time. We really are pushing the frontiers of how education should look like in the future. But of course we are bringing this unique opportunity to people all over the world NOW.



Masters Degree With NO Prereqisites

For a Masters Degree there are many requirements a potential student must have in a normal university to be accepted on the course. This is where we break the mould as our teaching methods are so ultra modern in their delivery of the course that you require absolutely no previous requirements of any sort. We take students who know nothing about the subject and make them into professional financial traders with a Masters Degree.


You Will Be Guaranteed Reduced Fees

For most students the average cost and loans that they have saddled around their necks to start their future is around £50,800. The cost alone of the Masters Degree means that most people cannot afford the cost let alone the total disruption to their lives. This is where UK Trading Academy comes into its own.

Due to the enormity of what we are providing we have substantial backing from private donors which means we have funds available every month to provide a significant bursary for students on a first come first serve basis to reduce the cost of the Masters Degree to a fraction of what it normally costs.


Your In Control of Your Time

The Masters Degree is provided by modern ultra fast technology online so you can take advantage of doing this around your lifestyle and your requirements. No putting a hold on your life for 2 or 3 years in university, you can do this at your home. We are live every weekday from 8.30hrs till 16:00hrs in your members portal.

Everything is recorded if you miss it so you can catch up in the evenings or weekends. The training runs for 50 weeks of the year and consists of live training and the prerecorded Modules which provides the majority of the syllabus. You even have the chance to come to the academy for open weeks to hone your knowledge maybe before your exam.


One Of Our Team Will Contact You To Answer All Your Questions

Do You Want to Transform Your Life For the Better?

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